Our Policies

Our policy is very strong. We are a famous platform in Mumbai and India. Our customers take our services by following our policies. As our company’s policy is confidentiality, many customers are eager to use our services because they know there is no chance of their documents being stolen so they can give us their documents without worry. We have followed a confidentiality policy for our experts. Our experts have designed this privacy policy to keep customers’ personal documents safe.

Relevant information: We have provided a form on the website. Where customers fill the form with their personal documents. This information includes customer phone numbers through which we can easily contact them. And with this information we can create our own database of each customer. This information is very important and must be provided to us by any customer.

Use of information: As this information is personal to customers, we do not use it without customer support. We’ve made it clear how confidential our policy is. So customer documents are safe with us. We do not share customer documents with any other person. However, we may share with the consumer’s consent.

Plan Development: Sometimes we make minor changes to our policies. Then we inform customers. We make these changes for the convenience of customers. As a result, if customers don’t know, we have no intention of changing. We always strive to keep our policies confidential.

Terms and Conditions: Our company’s terms and conditions are very simple and easy to understand. We have shared some things in the terms and conditions, if you like it then take our service. As such, we don’t like moving stuff that isn’t yours. Also we do not move any dangerous goods. For example, jewelry, weapons, fuel etc. Our payment process is also a bit different i.e. we don’t take payment from any bank account that is not yours.